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Replacing Cost for Navien Water Heaters

Installation of a tankless water heater can be an easy job for someone who knows how to do it. But when it comes to eyes of an average patron, there are various tools and steps that are involved in installation of a tankless hot water heater. This is where the cost of the installation comes in play. Replacing an existing hot water heater into a tankless water heater can be cheaper of relatively more expensive, given the steps that are needed to be taken. For example, there is a lot of soldering that is involved in installing a tankless water heater. Get a soldering machine isnt really an extensive expense, but doing all that soldering would take you hours. There are tools that can reduce time to just few minuts. The tool is not cheap at all, but $1,500-$3,000 gets you a tool that allows you to make-up a bunch of solderless joints in minutes that might take you hours the traditional way. This kind of places are where hiring a professional comes in really handy.

Navien is known as one of the biggest manufacturer of on demand water heaters. They solely product tankless water heaters because they believe that instant on demand hot water is the future of the market. In addition to that tankless water heaters are pretty easy to install as well. But this would not mean that a customer should be able to do the installation without any complications. First and foremost thing to notice is that installation of tankless water heaters can be hazardous and may involve complications. It is always recommended that you hire a professional to do the installation for you. If you want to save up on money, you can even do all the handy work yourself but get a professional for doing the complicated installation work. Navien has been known to void warranty in some cases when the installation has not been done by a professional. You can get a detailed step by step procedure by CLICKING HERE on how to install a tankless water heater. The procedure will give you an idea of what goes into play when installing an on demand water heater.
On an average, a replacement high efficiency tank with direct vent tankless water heater would cost about $2,400-$2,700, but the life of a tank is about half or less than that of a tankless. The cost can even go down to $1000 or go high to $3500. It all depends on the complication of the installation and the installer. It is highly recommended that you get quotes from atleast a few installers before deciding who to go with.