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Rebates And Tax Credits On Navien Water Heaters

A tax credit reduces your tax payments. It's similar to keeping bigger slices of an apple: the more tax credits you claim, the more of your money you get to keep (and decrease your tax payments in the process!). There are many federal income tax credits that will help reduce your tax burden. One of the most common type of federal tax credit is the tax credit you get by purchasing eligible energy-star equipment. Government provides tax credits to customers who buy products that save energy and also save the planet in the process.

What equipment qualifies for the credit?
High-efficiency water heaters, furnaces, boilers, heat pumps, central air conditioners, building insulation, windows, roofs, biomass stoves, and circulating fans used in qualifying gas furnaces. Basically, any product that helps in saving energy would have a chance to qualify for federal tax credit. There are numerous products and Navien prides in providing a vast amount of products that can be used to achieve federal tax credit. This products will not only save you money on the taxes, but it will also provide you energy efficiency that will assist in saving up on energy. Hence, you will also save money on the energy bills. Therefore, purchasing products that fall in the federal tax credit save on various different aspects.

What's the maximum amount that a homeowner can receive in tax credits?
The maximum amount an eligible homeowner may receive in tax credits for improvements is $500. If you have already claimed credits of $500 or more from improvements made in 2011 or any year prior, you are ineligible to claim new credits for any new improvements made during 2012, 2013, or 2014.

Can these tax credits be applied to energy-efficient equipment purchased for a second home?
In order for purchases of high-efficiency heating, cooling and water heating equipment to be eligible for this tax credit, the equipment must be installed in a primary residence that is owned and used by the taxpayer.

Navien America is pleased to provide you with not only Energy Star labeled but also Federal Tax Credit qualified tankless water heaters. Energy Star Label is given to a product that operates significantly more efficient than its counterparts while maintaining or improving performance. Navien's Energy Star Qualified Tankless Water Heater is one of the best choices for saving money while saving environment.