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Popular Navien Water Heater Products

Being one of the world leaders in tankless water heaters, Navien products have topped the charts for on demand water heaters numerous times. The company is well known for providing customers with state of the at technology and also having a strong backbone by providing excellent customer service whenever needed. Water heater by Navien come in various forms of tankless water heaters. They have condensing gas water heaters, simpe tankless water heaters, combination tankless water heaters and more.
ComfortFlow Technology is another feature that gives Navien’s tankless products an edge over the competition. Most tankless water heaters have a “cold water sandwich problem”, wherein the supply of hot water flows inconsistenly, resulting to short bursts of cold water in between hot water flow. With Navien’s recirculation pump and buffer tank, this cold water sandwich phenomenon never becomes a problem.
Understandably,  Navien tankless water heaters reviews are not perfect, although negative feedback has been quite minimal compared to other brand reviews. For instance, a couple of consumers complained about the difficulty of finding trained and licensed Navien technicians, especially in more rural areas. This means that repair can take longer in some locations.

Below is a list of few of the popular Navien tankless water heater products and their Gallons Per Minute as well as BTU.

Model Max GPM Max BTU Types
ModelMax GPMMax BTUTypes
Navien NPE-180A  8.4 150,000 Natural Gas 

Navien NPE-180S  8.4 150,000 Natural Gas 

Navein NPE-210A  10.1 180,000 Natural Gas 

Navien NPE-210S  10.1 180,000 Natural Gas 

Navien NPE-240A  11.2 199,900 Natural Gas 

Navien NPE-240S  11.2 199,900 Natural Gas