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How to Install Navien Hot Water Heaters

Navien is known as one of the biggest manufacturer of on demand water heaters. They solely product tankless water heaters because they believe that instant on demand hot water is the future of the market. In addition to that tankless water heaters are pretty easy to install as well. But this would not mean that a customer should be able to do the installation without any complications. First and foremost thing to notice is that installation of tankless water heaters can be hazardous and may involve complications. It is always recommended that you hire a professional to do the installation for you. If you want to save up on money, you can even do all the handy work yourself but get a professional for doing the complicated installation work. Navien has been known to void warranty in some cases when the installation has not been done by a professional. Hence, always check even before thinking about doing the installation yourself. Nevertheless, below is an explanation of what steps are involved in installing an on demand water heater.

STEP 1 - First step is to install a gas line for your Navien instant water heater. You will need to install a T and connect the existing gas line in order to run a new corrugated stainless steel supply line for the tankless water heater. Building codes in many communities permit its use rather than conventional black iron for gas lines.
STEP 2 - Next step would be to connect the new copper waterline to the instant hot water heater. Also connect the new waterline to the tankless water heater. Bell-hanger brackets hold the pipes in place to prevent contact with the wall and to facilitate applying pipe insulation. Now you wil need to clean the copper line connection and coax with flux before you start soldering. As suggested, process like soldering could be dangerous, hence make sure you are being careful.
STEP 3 - Build a Covered Platform to Position the Tankless Water Heater. You have to make a covered vertical platform where you can position the instant water heater so the vent clears the floor joists as its passing the outside wall. Make sure you use Tapcon screws for the platform as they cut threats into the concrete to anchor themselves.
STEP 4 - Secure the Tankless Water Heater to the Platform Hang the tankless water heater on the covered platform. A single screw will hold it temporarily. Secure it by driving screws through the holes on its mounting bracket into the platform.
STEP 5 - Now its time to connec the gas shut off valve, supply line and the sediment trap. You will need to connect the sediment trap and the shut-off valve firsr and then attach the corrugated stainless steel supply line to it. Use an adjustable wrench to tighten the nuts.
STEP 6 - Its time to set a connection between the tankless water heater and the water shutoff valve. You will need to use bell-hangers to help support the pipe runs. Now solder the joints on the copper piping to ensure they are connected good.
STEP 7 - Use a Gas-sniffer to Confirm There Are No Gas Leaks. Turn on the gas and bleed the air from the line. Use a gas-sniffer device at each joint to confirm there are no gas leaks in the tankless water heater installation.
STEP 8 - Time to connect the eblows, connector and heater vent piping. As the vent piping goes through tremendous amount of heat, you will need to use a heat-resistant silicon sealant on the heater vent. A normal water heater guy would basically carry this all the time. Now slip on the connecter and secure it with a hose clamp. This is the best way to ensure you connection will hold steady. Bore through the outside wall at the center of the vent hole.
STEP 9 - Next is the tricky part. You will have to install a Metal Wall Thimble through the Outside Wall. Trace the metal wall thimble and cut away the outside wall. Make sure that you remove the shingles as you find necessary for the thimble so as to rest against the wall sheathing. Now install both interior and exterior portion of the thimble. Add remaining components of vent piping.
STEP 10 - Rest easy, most of the hard work is done. Its time to plug the electric power to the Navien on demand water heater and make sure the pipes are insulated. Connect an electricl power supply to ensure there is an electrical flow to the thermostat and the on-board microprocessor . Turn on the gas and press the start button on the heater.